InvestorOne: 12 Steps - Financial Education Program

An important part of your financial future is knowing what options are available and suit your circumstances and how to implement the best strategies, structures and ideas to produce the best results. Not knowing what you need and what questions to ask usually results in being given poor advice and in many occasions no advice at all.

  • InvestorOne has spent considerable time and resources developing a 12 - Step Financial Education Program that covers off on all your basic and more advanced information in the following areas:

    • Introduction
    • Investment Structures
    • Self Managed Superannuation
    • Trusts
    • The Family Home
    • Asset Protection
    • Retirement Planning
    • Taxation
    • Estate Planning
    • Property Investment
    • Property Development
    • Shares and Managed Funds

Each topic will be released every month for a total of 12 months. That way the information is current and up to date. The purpose is to build an individuals or families' knowledge of the basic fundamentals and some more advanced topics to be familiar with the various topics and options that should be considered in relation to their financial affairs.

Certain get rich quick promoters offer "their secrets of the rich" programs for well over $5,000. The material in the 12 Steps - Financial Education Program will be more in depth and cover more areas for only $550.00 including GST. Private Clients pay $440.00.

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