InvestorOne Private Clients receive information, access to deals and general access to news and special reports from InvestorOne. It is important when investing or even learning the process of taking charge of your financial future that you not only read and digest information, but it be the right information.

There are hundreds of experts on everything from property investment to self managed superannuation. InvestorOne has the best of the best and is committed to servicing our Private Clients so that they get the best deals and information and know what they should be doing and asking.

During the recent Global Financial Crisis many Australians lost all their savings and some lost their homes as a result of investments made at the recommendation of a financial advisor. The overwhelming majority of these people had little or no financial knowledge or skills and left all the decision making to the advisor. Their whole financial future rested with one person with no ability to decipher whether the advice was good or poor. Unfortunately most fell into the latter category.

The InvestorOne philosophy is that individuals and investors, although needing to seek advice and assistance, should have an understanding of the basics of investing, estate planning, super, retirement, property, the family home and lots more. It is not to turn them into experts, however seeking advice with no or little knowledge, considering what has happened in the past is like playing Russian roulette with your financial future.

It really is up to you. You can change where you are going to end up financially.